Apply to teach at Ikeda Maple

Thank you for your interest in teaching at Ikeda Maple. The school is conveniently located at Hankyu Ikeda Station, north of Osaka, on the Takarazuka line.

Instructors at Ikeda Maple have a passion to teach not only their respective fields but also related culture. These instructors come from different backgrounds, countries, and levels of qualification. We strive to have team individuals with a friendly, patient, and a hospitality attitude. Our classroom structure is based on private or small groups, which give the comfortable conversational and friendship building atmosphere that students can enjoy learning in. This is not limited to only language instruction, we occasionally offer other courses dependant on available instructors and interest of students.

If interested in learning more or offering a course, please complete the following form. Please note that only local applicants with legal working status will be considered.

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